Our Business

Types of Service Available

Service Provider

Fabrication & Steel Supply

Solar & Security System

Recycling Technology

Prefabricated Container

Burner & Boiler Supplies

Environmental Solution (Machinery Supply)

schedule waste disposal

SW 102 - Waste of lead acid batteries 

SW 110 - Waste from electrical and electronic 

SW 305 - Used Lubricant Oil 

SW 306 - Used Hydraulic Oil 

SW 307 - Oil & Water Emulsion 

SW 409 - Used Empty Drums 

SW 410 - Used Oil Filter

Environmental And Consultancy Services

Application (license, written notification) consultancy  

Environmental Reporting 

Liaison with Relevant Authorities

Oil Spill Response And Cleaning

Oil Trap / Interceptor Cleaning 

Waste Material

Waste Oil / Cooking Oil

Fuel Blending / Supply 

Sludge Palm Oil Trading

Scrap Iron Disposal

Scrap Metal

Maritime Services

Desludging & Deslopping 

Offshore Electrical & Lighting Products

Oil Tank Cleaning

Ship Disposal

Fuel Delivery

Fuel Oil 




Civil & Structural Engineering Works 

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Works

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Other services that are provided in collaboration with another company